Search Beyond Googol -
A Journey of Research and Development
of Next Generation of Search Technology

 1. Technology

Googol is a number, a very big number. However, it is much bigger beyond it than within it.

What we mean here is that although the current keyword-based search technology has made its extraordinary achievements and increasingly becomes part of our everyday life, it by nature is still a simplest form of search and deals with very limited portion of data in the real world.

For example, the current keyword-based search technology, very unfortunately, appears having nothing to do with many crucial science and engineering related search problems of our age, except it can help to search for papers and people.

It is a big challenge and long over due to extend the present keyword-based search technology to solve many crucial science and engineering related search problems, namely, the general Y-to-X search of any M measures of N dimensional space, such as image search, voice search, image object recognition, stock pattern search, multiple-layered concept starmap search and recognition, etc. Those represent some very important applications in sciences, engineering, and people's life.

Thus, we started our journey of research and development of next generation of search technology several years back. This site shares with you some roadmap, approaches, solutions, results and products of our journey.

2. Projects and Products

2.1 Image Starmap Search

2.2 Payload In Image and Mobile Apps

2.3 Micro Trusted Network and Applications

3. Contact

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